Sharing information




Our Purpose

Every element in the forest is interconnected and has its role. The disappearance of one of them can weaken its structure leading to its disappearance. Using the story of the decline of this little but giant forest character, we ask people if they also want to become giants, by respecting nature from its smaller components, knowing that the role of each person  is important for our planet’s safeguard, from adults to kids, despite their size.

Everyone Gets Involved

Through our activities we engage schools, educators, local communities, eco-guides, local and international entities about the importance of biodiversity conservation, and we encourage them to notice the smaller but unique inhabitants of the forest, such as snails and slugs! 


Based on our research and local knowledge, we used storytelling tools to raise awareness and seek solutions for protecting the species, acting as external facilitators to stimulate an environment of open discussion between generations. Engaging the audience as storytellers seems to increase the general attention of the audience and the acceptance of the content is more efficient than fact stating. Games and other dynamics facilitate the information delivery… And create a fun environment!